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Thread: How to build Mint ‘Super Desktop’ dual monitors

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    How to build Mint ‘Super Desktop’ dual monitors

    Has anyone built a
    1. Dual monitor
    2. With a Windows Virtual machine utilizing on the subsequent monitor

    I am thinking it would be truly fine to have the Windows virtual machine utilizing on monitor 2 and Mint utilizing on monitor 1 with abundance of RAM for flat and steady operation. I observe VirtualBox 4.x now permits guest machines superior RAM limits, so thought that this could be quite useful with a virtual machine and that would appear to lead to 64 bit Mint as the gateway to using much more memory. Is it accurate to think that giving a virtual machine as much RAM as probable boosting constancy also performance? What is concerned in setting up a dual monitor computer so one application sprints on another monitor? Are there any intrinsic troubles with utilizing 64 bit Mint? In my view, this could truly be a 'Super Desktop' setup this way and have numerous appeals for other people also. So would be thankful for any and every feedback.

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    Re: How to build Mint ‘Super Desktop’ dual monitors

    I would not categorize my rig as a super computer but I do sprint two monitors and Microsoft Windows 7 with VirtualBox below LMDE. It is an Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Quad 32 bit with 4 GB RAM. The video card is an Nvidia dual head. I just give Windows 7 8 GB ram and it appears to sprint excellent for what small applications which I hardly ever have to sprint on it. If you are setting up on utilizing the virtual machine for heavier applications then you might be wealthier with a 64 bit operating system or you can load up a 32 bit mechanism with above 4 GB and use it with the correct kernel. My machine at work is alike to my home machine just it has 8 GB RAM. With the additional RAM I can sprint more than one virtual machine at a time.

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    Re: How to build Mint ‘Super Desktop’ dual monitors

    Do you play any games with this PC and if so, how does it effort? I am not a gamer, but containing the ability to effortlessly sprint some Linux games is frequently a useful expression plus occasionally they are enjoyable to muddle with one time eventually. Having the capability to perform this is improved than not containing that capability. What drivers are you utilizing and which edition of Mint? Have single Accelerated Graphics Port and single DVI? Is it tricky to sprint the virtual machine on one monitor and Mint on another? Are you utilizing VirtualBox? Which edition? Do you discover this 8 GB RAM machine to be extra steady?

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    Re: How to build Mint ‘Super Desktop’ dual monitors

    1. I do not play games apart from for a few free ones from the repos. None of that insist any additional computer resources or hardware.
    2. Utilizing Mint Debian 32 bit with the most recent Nvidia drivers from the repos.
    3. My graphics card contained 1 DVI and 1 VGA port.
    4. Virtual box can be resized and located anyplace on your desktop. If you exploit it on single monitor you can after that does your usual computing on the other one.
    5. I am utilizing the most recent edition of VirtualBox. I have inserted the virtual machine repos to my sources.list file so that it will settle advanced.
    6. I do not discover my 8 GB effort machine to be additional steady or fewer steady than my home machine. The just cause I stated it is if you wish to save yourself little money you can max out your 32 bit machine with RAM in its place of acquiring a novel 64 bit system.

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