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Thread: Desktop icons turn into GLOBES

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    Desktop icons turn into GLOBES

    ---- Hey man I want some solution about my system, that it not working like my needs, please tell me if you have some suggestion about this problem. I am using computer that simply runs under the Microsoft windows 7 operating system, this computer has AMD ATHLON processor @2.9GHz, 500GB hard drive, 4GB RAM. This all hardware running nicely but there is only one problem that I can’t get success in it. I don’t know how desktop icons are converted into GLOBES. This icon I have found recently four or five days ago in the morning. Do you know why this is happen to my computer, if you have any solution for this problem, please share with me. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Desktop icons turn into GLOBES

    This kind of problem only occur if your system has overload some space very badly. You can resolve this kind of problem for this you have to maintain your system and must have to delete TIF cache, after removing this; your personalized icons remove with everything. Once you can do this your system internet explorer icon can be displayed on that shortcut. Try this solution you might fulfill your requirement, try this.

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    Re: Desktop icons turn into GLOBES

    You can maintain your system means icon desktop icon by which you can continue to your personalized shortcut. For this just open windows explorer and write one path in the address bar but first modify your username to your account name,
    “C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5”
    this path contain hidden folder, after doing this go to the folder and search the option, I am sure that you can got your solution after doing this.

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    Re: Desktop icons turn into GLOBES

    ---- Most of the time this error only you have to face, if your system has allotted many spaces means maximum disk space which is exceeded and due to this reason this files are automatically deleted. This deletion of that file maintains your system by making some low overhead means maintaining disk space usage. So to complete this process just deletes all TIF cache by which your system will work accordingly to your needs.

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    Re: Desktop icons turn into GLOBES

    You don’t worry I have solution for this type of problem. First display your web page on the desktop, after that just give a right click on URL in the search window, you will see that one drop-down will appear in that select “OPEN IME” and when you select this item just click on the web page, you will see “CREATE SHORTCUT” option just select it and placed it on your Desktop. This icon will be a website icon, not a globe icon like you said and corresponding icons which is placed in the folder will also return as per your need. I am sure that after trying this solution you might get your solution. Before you try this I want t to tell you that I am running windows 7- operating system and Internet Explorer 9 Beta version. Try this on your system, I hope it work with your requirement.

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