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Thread: Gadgets too big in Windows 7

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    Gadgets too big in Windows 7

    Hello friends, I had currently installed the Windows 7 on to my system, previously I was using the Windows Vista OS. I have retained the same text size settings and the screen resolution but I was unable to retain the Gadgets. The gadgets are much larger than before. It means that I can no longer have them discreetly lined up on the right hand side of the screen always in view. The only good thing is that the size option will allow them to be made larger. So I decided i just wanted to have the normal Windows 7 gadgets. I know this is because the default display is 125% so as to make the text more visible. If you make the display 100% the gadgets are okay size but the text is too small. Please help me to get the original gadgets size

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    Re: Gadgets too big in Windows 7

    Gadgets are being slightly changed in the Windows 7. The MS Windows respond properly to the DPI change to the user interface. The Gadgets are not freely resizable. You need to change the DPI, if you want to get the Windows Gadgets. My DPI is now set to the 100% and the IMHO is fine on to my 17 inch monitor. The 21 monitor and even scale properly on my tiny 10" net book. You should not have the always on top and use the Win+G shortcut key to bring them to the top when necessary. You can also use "Aero Peek" to get a quick view of you Gadgets. You could, alternatively, use Yahoo! Widgets or Google Desktop Gadgets. Hope this will surely help you out!

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    Re: Gadgets too big in Windows 7

    Deduct the text size from the 125%, (which is the default setting for the Windows 7) to the 100%. The 100% may bring the Gadgets to the similar size as that was there in the Windows vista. This means that in some of the application such as the Word and the Excel will now be too small. As we look on to the Vista, the text size in applications and correct size gadgets. You can now make use of the Zoom factor to increase the text size in the applications of word or Excel.

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    Re: Gadgets too big in Windows 7

    I do solved this problem, I have seen that if the activate with the new user account, everything will works fine with respect to the Gadgets. That is the problem related to mine particular account. Previously I was using the Vista OS and then I migrated to the Windows 7. I deleted my setting.ini file in the Windows Sidebar directory under \User\<USER NAME>\AppData\Local\Microsoft and replaced it with the one from the new user account. I have run again sidebar.exe and all gadgets works with the full flaw now. Hope this will work for you.

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