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Thread: Want to span wallpaper on two screens

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    Want to span wallpaper on two screens

    I am using iMac computer for all my work and it is working fine, but i wanted to know that how to span a single wallpaper on both monitors instead of different pictures on each screen. When we run two monitors on a single machine then you have to change wallpaper again and again. So i wanted to know how can i set this settings on my machine. Any suggestions will appreciate.

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    Re: Want to span wallpaper on two screens

    I think this is possible to set single wallpaper for two monitor and for that you have to use two programs for that, the Screen Spanning Doctor and another one is multiscape. Both this applications are use to set the single wall paper on two monitors. I am using same on my G5 iMac machine and I advise you to use it for your iMac. I hope this information may help you.

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    Re: Want to span wallpaper on two screens

    I have a software application called as Ultramon which is use to span single wallpaper on two monitors. Using this software you can stretch any wallpaper to the different monitors. It is the most useful software for applying this kind of settings for monitor. In my recommendation you should go with this software application and download it to your machine.

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    Re: Want to span wallpaper on two screens

    For setting single wallpaper on two monitor then for that you have to make some arrangement in your display settings. You have to go to the Set desktop background and then small window will appear for each of the screen. You will see two monitor, one is your primary and secondary. To know numbers of each screen, click on identify button and then according to the instruction you can set wallpaper for different monitor.

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    Re: Want to span wallpaper on two screens

    In point of view the best application for dual monitor utility is DisplayFusion. You can stretch all your wallpaper across different desktops. You have set all your wallpaper settings in display fusion. It is a freeware download application and for running this application you have to use .NET 2.0 runtime. I suggest you to go with this application to set wallpaper on your desktop. If you are having any other queries then reply me again.

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