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Thread: Best Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista

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    Best Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista

    I am looking for some really gadgets for Windows Vista. I had already added some gadgets to the side bar but the issue is that some are not working and cause slow system performance. I need some really essential and need gadgets that works proper on Vista. Like for video information , translation, event manager, etc. I also need a gadget which can help to monitor network connection.

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    Re: Best Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista

    Network Traffic is a nice addon gadget for Windows Vista. his gadget allows you to analyze in real time using a graphical network usage in both ascending (upload) and downlink (download). Very ergonomic and fully customizable like choice of network card, background, etc. This gadget will make people happy, especially if you want to analyze your network traffic.

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    Re: Best Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista

    I had added FAB Video Info Gadget recently to the vista side bar. This help us to stay informed with news gadget allows you to watch live the major news channels on your desktop. Using Windows Media Player you can view those videos on your screen. The interface is very simple with classic buttons like channel, volume, etc.

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    Re: Best Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista

    I will recommend you to use SYSTRAN Gadget. Systran is what it does best in translation. With this gadget, translate any word in English, German, Chinese, Russian, the list is long! Similarly, it includes a dictionary to help you get a quick definition of the term searched. So if you have multilingual work then this gadget will we very useful for you.

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    Re: Best Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista

    Try Outlook Calendar can view real-time the next appointment in your Outlook calendar on your desktop. The gadget directly synchronizes your Outlook Express 2007 and will seek information without you needing to do anything. Easy to use, this gadget also displays details of your appointment (the name of the organizer of the meeting, details of your appointments, etc) and lets you manage your schedule easily.

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    Re: Best Desktop Gadget for Windows Vista

    To monitor your wireless connection you can use iStat wireless. This will help you to monitor your wireless connection. From a glance check signal strength, SSID and IP address. If you are a blogger then you can use WordPress gadget an essential for bloggers said platform, this gadget allows you to quickly access your blog, write a new article to moderate comments, etc.

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