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Thread: Desktop Shortcuts wont open in max Window Size

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    Desktop Shortcuts wont open in max Window Size

    Hello Friends,
    How can I get my desktop shortcuts to open up in size? I have pulled open the screen to maximum size as instructed, but to no avail. I am using Windows XP as operating system. IE opens alright, along with windows selected from favorites, but the desktop icons will only open in the small size. This just happened the other day-until then they opened just fine. Is there anything I can do?? Please tell me solution for the Desktop Shortcuts that wont open in max Window Size!!
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    Re: Desktop Shortcuts wont open in max Window Size

    Which version of Internet Explorer are you running? Have you updated and scanned with your anti-virus and anti-malware programs? You may have picked up a bug that could be causing your problem. When you have attempted the suggestions we've made, do you first close all windows? Click on a shortcut icon that opens minimized, drag, stretch (or whatever method you are trying) to full size. Select File \ Exit. If that doesn 't work, I'm out of ideas.

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    Re: Desktop Shortcuts wont open in max Window Size

    I would like to suggest you to do some things that I have mentioned. Click on one of the shortcuts that you know will open Minimized (do not have anything else open) In the upper, left corner of the window, click on the icon for the file \ program. You'll get a sub-menu that lists Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize. Click on Maximize. With the full window now open, click on the icon again and select Close. Hope that this helps you.!!

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    Re: Desktop Shortcuts wont open in max Window Size

    Follow the steps that can prove beneficial for you :
    1. Right click on the shortcut
    2. One Shortcut Tab
    3. Run In Just change from Normal Window to Maximized
    4. Click on Apply & OK

    After following these steps, your problem will definitely get solved.

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    Re: Desktop Shortcuts wont open in max Window Size

    OK ... let's try one more thing. Follow the steps given below :
    1. Right click on the Desktop and select Properties
    2. Click on the Desktop tab
    3. Click Customize Desktop button
    4. In the new window, Desktop Items, click on Web tab
    5. Be sure "Lock desktop items" is not checked

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    Re: Desktop Shortcuts wont open in max Window Size

    I think maybe you were just were not following the steps correctly, but anyway here's the solution :
    Open a webpage. Stretch it out to fullsize. Do not use maximize.
    Choose any link on that webpage and right-click> open in a new window.
    Stretch that second window out to the desired size-do not use maximize.
    Close the first IE window. Then close that second resized window.

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    Re: Desktop Shortcuts wont open in max Window Size

    well i m using windows 7 operating system problem is that my window open in minimized size when i open them from the desktop shortcuts by default i m not getting where this setting r there?

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