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Thread: XP Animations

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    XP Animations

    XP Animations

    You can turn off window animation ("exploding" windows), displayed when you play around with minimizing/maximizing open windows. This makes navigating Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP a lot quicker, especially if you don't have a fast video controller, or if you got tired of seeing it all the time (like I did).

    To do this, run Regedit (or Regedt32) and go to:
    HKEY_CURRENT_USER | Control Panel | Desktop | WindowMetrics
    or if you are the only user of your Windows computer go to:
    HKEY_USERS | .Default | Control Panel | Desktop | WindowMetrics
    Right-click on an empty spot in the right hand pane. Select New -> String [REG_SZ] Value. Name it MinAnimate. Click OK. Double-click on "MinAnimate" and type 0 to turn OFF window animation or 1 to turn it ON. Click OK. Close the Registry Editor and restart Windows. Done.
    TweakUI, the famous Microsoft Power Toy [110 KB, free, unsupported] can also turn off animated windows.
    Just remove the check mark from the "Window Animation" box under the General tab.
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    Re: XP Animations

    Personally I believe that the explosion, windows most annoying feature of XP and Vista. Fine for XP, I have to lick. However I cannot find a similar hack for Vista permanently. Problem: disable Windows Animation. Open Adobe Reader by IE, all is well. Suddenly, return to the Windows animation and remain so until the animation is off again in "system properties / performance I am sure that Adobe does it in any way in connection with IE any of you gurus have any ideas?

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    Re: XP Animations

    Is it possible to import all the animations I've created in RMXP into RMVX? I don't mean the graphic files, but the animations theirselves.
    I tried copying the file Animations.rxdata from my RMXP project and pasting into my RMVX project and then renaming it to Animations.rvdata, but it doesn't work correctly... it loads the animation list into the database, but the graphics don't appear...its nice...yaI personally find exploding windows the most annoying feature of XP and Vista. Well and good for XP; I got that licked. However I cannot find a similar PERMANENT hack for Vista. Problem: disable windows animation. Open Adobe reader through IE; all is well, all of a sudden Windows revert to animation and remain so until animation is disabled again in "system properties/performance..." . I am certain that Adobe does this somehow in conjunction with IE. Any of you Gurus have any idea?

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