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Thread: how to install Custom Screensavers to Kindle

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    how to install Custom Screensavers to Kindle

    Hi, From last three days I tried many times but i cant able to customized my screen saver on my kindle 2 . I have default screen saver since from I purchased, I want change this old picture. How do i customize my kindle screen saver. Is there any software to install and then I can able to change it?

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    Re: how to install Custom Screensavers to Kindle

    You can customize you kindle screen saver. In your kindle visible you should have screen saver folder to set the screensaver. On your kindle 2 to see screen saver folder, you have to download the file and then unzip it and go through the instructions of readme.txt. To change you screen saver, you have to copy that folder in your system and remove that folder from kindle. Now again copy that folder to your kindle, and restart kindle to change your screensaver.

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