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Thread: The incredible shrinking taskbar

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    The incredible shrinking taskbar

    Is there any way to shrink taskbar in windows. I have tried that from properties but when i do switch user it get back to it's original position. Is there any way I can shrink my taskbar in windows 7. Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: The incredible shrinking taskbar

    If your taskbar has disappeared from the desktop or becomes hidden when you move your cursor near, it may be due to a corrupt registry key. In order to shrink taskbar icons in windows, so they look smaller on your screen, follow the instructions below: Right click Start > Click Properties Click Taskbar > Make sure the box next to 'Use small icons' is checked.

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    Re: The incredible shrinking taskbar

    By default, Windows 7's Taskbar takes up more room at the bottom of the screen than the Taskbar in previous versions of Windows. To Change the size of the Windows 7 taskbar : Right-click on the Taskbar, uncheck Lock the taskbar. You can increase its height by grabbing its side and dragging it up.

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    Re: The incredible shrinking taskbar

    Windows 7 Taskbar has a standard size which is great if you have a wide screen monitor,If the Windows 7 Taskbar takes up too much room at the bottom of your screen, reduce its size. Windows 7 has an option that shrinks the taskbar size slightly for those that could use the extra pixels. Right-click an empty area of the taskbar and choose "Properties". Check "Use small icons". Click OK and that’s it, now you will see a considerable change in the size of taskbar and the icons.

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