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Thread: How to remove old owners Itunes logon

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    How to remove old owners Itunes logon

    Recently i had bought a new 8gb Iphone. However there is old owners itunes information on the phone been available, enabling me to use my own logon. I would like to know that how do i remove the old owners Itunes logon? Does any body knows about how can i do so? Any kind of help on the above issue would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to remove old owners Itunes logon

    If you try to access iTunes using IE, then you will get a warning that the page contains both secure and unsecured items. I looked around iTunes and System Preferences (you could turn that off in QuickTime Control Panel in OS 9), but it seems there's no option to turn this off. You will need to click a button asking for them to be displayed. Fortunately, TinkerTool gives you options to play (or not to play) Music/Movies CD/DVD when they are inserted.

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    Re: How to remove old owners Itunes logon

    There are many ways to remove DRM protection from iTunes music. System Preferences, then check the section which details the users. On Windows OS, you can remove the DRM from iTunes music using the burn-and-rip method or you can turn to programs like TuneClone and DoubleTwist. Then select the user you logon as and checks it's logon items. You should see iTunes in the list. Remove it.

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    Re: How to remove old owners Itunes logon

    It is a integrated file that works together with the device. System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items" and remove iTunes. Or you can also format it and see whether your problem gets solved. TuneClone is basically a program that acts as a virtual CD drive that allows you "burn" MP3 from iTunes and "rip" it.

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