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Thread: How to speed up Hibernate Cache

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    How to speed up Hibernate Cache

    Can anyone here tell me how to speed up hibernate cache example, can anyone explains the characteristic of the second-level cache is that is is used across sessions, which may also be differentiates it from the session cache Please help me in this matter.

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    Re: How to speed up Hibernate Cache

    The performance of Hibernate web applications is improved using caching by optimizing the database applications. A list of countries, a list of airports, a list of employees, and a list of spoken languages. Each employee is assigned a country, and can speak many languages. I offer training on Hibernate and Java Persistence. The cache actually stores the data already loaded from the database, so that the traffic between our application and the database will be reduced when the application want to access that data again.

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    Re: How to speed up Hibernate Cache

    Hibernate is a solution for object relational mapping and a persistence management solution or persistent layer. Because the time needed to access the database is more when compared with the time needed to access the cache. ollowing SQL scripts, which you need in order to create and instantiate the corresponding database:

    * src/sql/create.sql: The SQL script used to create the database.
    * src/sql/init.sql: Test data

    So obviously the access time and traffic will be reduced between the application and the database.

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    Re: How to speed up Hibernate Cache

    Second-level cache always associates with the Session Factory object. While running the transactions, in between it loads the objects at the Session Factory level, What you can imagine is probably that you have your application with some functions (business logic) and you want to save data in a database. When you use Java all the business logic normally works with objects of different class types.

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