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Thread: How do i get rid of icons on my taskbar

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    How do i get rid of icons on my taskbar

    Hello friends,

    I am having lots of icons on my desktop and application too install on my system and all this icons are automatically got added into my taskbar which makes me very frustrated. Is there any way where i can delete or rid of icons on my taskbar and for more information i am using Windows Xp SP 2 as my operating system.

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    how do i get rid of not used icons on my task bar

    If you don't want to have icons in taskbar then Right-click on taskbar and select delete in the menu that comes up. Confirm the file delete in the dialog that pops up. Do this to the rest of your unwanted icons and if you want to get rid of every single icon and just have nothing there, right click an empty spot on your taskbar, and move your mouse over "Toolbars." The menu will expand. Uncheck "Quick Launch". The quick launch icons will disappear.

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    How do i get rid of icons on my taskbar

    If you are planning to remove icons from taskbar then there is one more way of doing it is by clicking on start and then goto run and type msconfig and press enter over here you will get a new window then goto start up tab and pick selective start and uncheck that you want to have then finally click on Apply & OK and restart you computer for changes to get effected

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