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Thread: How can i customize Jump List in Windows 7

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    How can i customize Jump List in Windows 7

    Hello.I am using Windows 7 operating system. It just running fine. From last few days i am frequently using its one of the great feature, Jump List. I found it by right clicking on the superbar and i found it very useful as it increases the productivity a lot. So now in addition, i want to make my own Jump list with the programs i use more often. Is there any way to customize the Jump List ?

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    Re: How can i customize Jump List in Windows 7

    Many users want to do this as Windows 7 doesn't allow to create your own jumplist. But fortunately you can create it now with the help of tiny application called as Jumplist Launcher. It lets you add up to 60 programs or files within self-defined groups inside a Windows 7 jumplist.When you start Jumplist Launcher, you'll be presented with a configuration dialog allowing you to create your Jumplists.Before you add the files and folders to the list, make sure you have increased the number of Max Jumplist-Items and clicked Save. The most important feature of this utility is that all of the menu items are still available, even when it's closed.

    Download Jumplist Launcher

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    Re: How can i customize Jump List in Windows 7

    You can add folders, files or any program in Jumplist Launcher simply by drag and drop or by choosing the location of the file manually, type the name of the program or group, choose the icon, and then click Add file.I found it really useful. Here are some of its useful features:

    • Files can be dragged into the Jumplist-Launcher from Windows-Explorer

    • Icon and name of the entry can be customized

    • No installation and rubbish in the registry

    • After creating the jumplist, no program needs to run in the background

    • Creates jumplists with up to 60 programs or files which can then be directly started

    • The jumplist entries can be grouped

    • You can have multiple Jumplist-Launcher-Icons on your superbar by copying the folder

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    Re: How can i customize Jump List in Windows 7

    Thanks a lot buddy for the quick help and sharing this useful utility. I think it is gonna work lot for me. I hope i can even create a shortcut of the Jumplist-Launcher.exe and pin that to the taskbar.

    I appreciate Your help

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