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    Anime Creation Software

    Hello , i am Fellow Artists , believe me i am really good and painting and drawings , Can you tell me about the any good anime software , that can boost my skill and help transform my ideas in digital ,I am looking for software that would allow me to create a character (in 3D if possible) and in Which I can animate as I wished. Does anyone know where I can get a good program to create my own anime

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    Re: Anime Software

    Power and simplicity! Poser is a 3D software specializes in modeling and rendering of virtual characters that are true to life. Professionals in computer graphics and computer graphics have long since passed, both Poser simplifies the creation and animation of human figures.One can not imagine more intuitive interface than the one imagined by the engineers of fire MetaCreations for this software: on the right of the you have work plan on which you put on your virtual players, library is clearly organized in a many graphical elements to customize your "3d character": a simple click,and you can influence their age, sex, weight, color of skin, eyes, hair, the expression of their faces, their clothes, etc.. ..

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    Re: Anime Software

    Adobe Flash Professional is the tool for content creation and multimedia applications for the Internet. Its powerful application development, integration of video and multimedia will allow you to create user interfaces, online advertising, eLearning courses and interfaces of enterprise applications , Graphically adjust the properties of shapes on the stage with smart tools to design forms, create vector illustrations ultra-precision using the Pen tool inspired by Adobe Illustrator, paste illustrations in Flash CS3 Illustrator

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    Re: Anime Software

    Try Blender 3d it had cool animation features

    • Armature (skeleton) deformation with forward/inverse kinematics with pole target support
    • Auto IK allows posing FK chains easily
    • Non-linear animation editor for mixing individual actions created in Action editor
    • Automated walkcycles along paths
    • Animated constraint system
    • Vertex key framing for morphing, with controlling sliders
    • Edit and create new blendshapes from existing targets
    • Character animation pose editor
    • 'Ipo' system integrates both motion curve and traditional key-frame editing
    • Audio playback, mixing and editing support for sound synchronisation
    • Timeline offers fast acces to many playback functions, autokey, help markers
    • Python scripting access for custom and procedural animation effects

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