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Thread: How to add language bar in Toolbar

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    How to add language bar in Toolbar

    My friend has installed language bar in the toolbar, and that was also one of my requirement, this is because it is requirement of my client as i need to communicate them in the different languages, so i need to search for the things on the different language search engine.

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    Re: How to add language bar in Toolbar

    You will get it enabled with your web browser by going through the Control Panel, Regional and Language Options,there you need to click 'change keyboards'button, then click on 'Language Bar' tab, pick options in which all language you want to display in your toolbar. Or else You can change the language by going to Control panel-->Date,time,Language, and Regional Options, then click on Regional and Language options in the bottom right. Then from there click on the Language Tab then you can install script or click on details for more information.

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    Re: How to add language bar in Toolbar

    Thanks for your reply, I went through this myself and found some weird things happening with the toolbar, when i enabled language toolbar with my PC, it has asked me to restart the PC to take the effect, I followed the same thing and in the next restarting it get started properly, but only remains for that session only, when i shutdown my PC and restarted PC on the next day the language bar was its previous state, how do this happen. I need to do every setting for this, which was irritating, thanks for your help in advance.

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