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Thread: Lclock skins for free

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    Lclock skins for free


    I want to know how you changes LClock skins and all ? Where i can get good skins for it? I downloaded it , but don't know hot to change its skins?

    Do need full please.

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    Re: Lclock skins for free

    Search the Lclock skins on google and to instal a skins, unzip the skin files to where you installed LClock. I don't know properly but i have done it long ago. Hope this will help you.

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    Re: Lclock skins for free

    Get this WMP 11 LClock Skin ,

    You can install its font by installing seguibk.ttf and seguibd.ttf in windows font folder:

    Copy the following 3 files in LClock installed folder :

    1. Calander.ini
    2. Qsbg.bmp
    3. Qsbuttons.bmp

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    Re: Lclock skins for free

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