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Thread: Alienware Dock

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    Alienware Dock

    Can i get alineware dock for my XP? i searched the net and found some topics related to this, ut couldn't found the exact what i want. I want the dock launcher in Alineware theme.

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    Re: Alienware Dock

    Have you tried Alienware XenoMorph ?

    Alienware Xenomorph - Free suite from Alienware & Stardock
    Transform your Windows experience with the official Alienware

    Download it here : Alienware Xenomorph

    Its includes :
    • Visual Style
    • Custom Icons
    • Wallpaper
    • RSS gadget

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    Re: Alienware Dock

    I will recommend you AlienGUIseTheme Manager .

    It is powered by MyColors technology from Stardock and dramatically transforms the appearance of your Microsoft Windows operating system into a truly unique display, and features exclusive Alienware-centered skins like, Invader, Darkstar, ALXMorph, and the new Xenomorph. These sleek and stylish Alienware skins vividly alter the appearance of desktop features such as your icons, wallpaper, and Windows Media Player.
    Download it here from the official website:

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    Re: Alienware Dock

    Thanks to both, nice response wingeek, it seems to pretty interesting, excatly what i needed, i'm wonder that they are avilable for free, thanks to alienware .

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    Re: Alienware Dock

    i want to ask amm i get this bug on my cpu usage icon on the dock idk why but i have -1 % usage well i would be really happy if that was really the case but its not so if u guys can help me its gonna be really nice ty

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