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Thread: Moving Matrix theme wallpaper

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    Moving Matrix theme wallpaper

    Can anyboy give me the moving matrix-theme wallpaper? I love this. I found small gif files but couldn't found any big or normal size wallpaper so that i can set it on my desktop. Do needful. Thank you.

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    Re: Moving Matrix theme wallpaper

    Have you tried Google's image search:

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    Re: Moving Matrix theme wallpaper

    There must be some application for this. Like dreamscene in vista . Because Dreamscen supports videos of its type as wallpaper. You can get screensaver for it easily. But i doubt you'll able to find that matrix animated image in big size. If yes then i also waiting for you reply.

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    Re: Moving Matrix theme wallpaper

    You need ZMatrix. It is an animated desktop background which displays streaming characters in a style similar to what was used in the movie 'The Matrix'.
    For windows XP : ZMatrix NT Setup (Full version)

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