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Thread: Restore desktop.ini missing icons on Windows Vista

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    Restore desktop.ini missing icons on Windows Vista

    From last few days whenever i try to turn on my pc, i can not see any desktop icons on my pc. The icon seems to be missing from my desktop screen. I'm running Windows Vista as my operating system. Can any body tell me that how do i restore my desktop.ini missing icons on my system? Can any body provide me the correct solution for the above issue? Any kind of help one the above issue would be appreciated.

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    Re: Restore desktop.ini missing icons on Windows Vista

    I think the "desktop.ini" file may have been corrupted. So for that you just need to replace "desktop.ini" file present in the corrupt folder with default one on your system. You need to download the "desktop.ini" file from the official Microsoft website and just need to Right-click on the file and select "Save Link As." or "Save Target As" and paste in the folder which is showing corrupt icon. Windows will ask to overwrite the existing file, select "Copy & Replace".

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    Re: Restore desktop.ini missing icons on Windows Vista

    Any way deleting the Desktop.ini does not cause any data loss on your system. You can get the Desktop folder icon in the explorer, from where you can try to restore it back on your system.

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