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Thread: Battery Icon Missing from Vista System Tray

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    Battery Icon Missing from Vista System Tray

    I have Windows Vista installed in my computer. There are few system icons (that show status and allow adjustment control) of some system components, such as clock, network connections, sound volume and battery power in the system tray or notification area at the end of taskbar. however, I am able to view clock icon, network icon and volume icon but the battery(power) icon seems missing to be missing in my system tray......

    Any ideas.....

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    Re: Battery Icon Missing from Vista System Tray

    To fix or restore the missing battery icon in the Vista system tray :
    • Right click the black/empty space on the system tray itself, or on the taskbar.
    • The Taskbar and Start Menu Properties dialog window will appear.
    • Click on Notification Area tab if it’s not already there.
    • In the System Icons section, tick the check box for Power components to display the corresponding icons in system tray.

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    Re: Battery Icon Missing from Vista System Tray

    It's very simple, just do this:

    - right click notification area (or an empty space) in taskbar
    - choose properties
    - check Power
    - click OK


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    Re: Battery Icon Missing from Vista System Tray

    To restore the missing power icon - Right click Taskbar > Properties > Notification Area > System icons > Check Power.

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