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Thread: Display Properties Pictures Migrating

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    Display Properties Pictures Migrating

    My OS is Windows XP. Recently all my photos (thousands which were saved as .JPG)have migrated to my Display Properties "Desktop" tab as "Background" photos. I cannot delete them there. If I try to delete any "Background" photos anywhere else, my entire picture file is then also deleted. Their sheer number makes it impossibly slow to change the image on the screen, as I like to do. I searched "Wallpaper" to no avail. Can anyone help?

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    Re: Display Properties Pictures Migrating

    Move all the images to a different location from the current location now change the wallpaper and select your images that you are talking about. When you apply it, it give you a blank screen. Now your wallpapers won't stay as background image.

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    Re: Display Properties Pictures Migrating

    You have selected the image for displaying as the desktop wallpaper and you just need to delete it from the Display property ->Desktop right..
    This is possible just select another image from the Display property ->Desktop tab-> Browse for different image once this has done, change the image location to other location that you don't want to display in the list available for desktop wallpaper.

    Then again close the display property window, refresh the explorer and check for the same image in the list for selecting image for desktop wallpaper that image name as well that image would be goes off and new image would be displayed there.

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