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Thread: Changing Bluetooth Tray Icon

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    Changing Bluetooth Tray Icon

    I am just looking for small customizing and modifying bluetooth icons but i don't know how to change the Bluetooth Manager icon Do anyone have any idea on how to do it? Thank you very much for replying

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    Re: Changing Bluetooth Tray Icon

    i think what you need is reshack but i dont know exactly which file to change like dll or exe..

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    Re: Changing Bluetooth Tray Icon

    i am using the Widcomm stack so i can do simply in Program FilesWIDCOMMBluetooth Software and replacing the related .ico files. No reshack required

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    Re: Changing Bluetooth Tray Icon

    well if you want to go with reshhack bttray.exe. is the file yo looking for ..but if you don't want to screw up BTTray, then prepare for backup ,the complet widcomm are inside btrez.dll inside system32 folder.

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