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Thread: Desktop Clock Christmas Edition

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    Desktop Clock Christmas Edition

    Desktop Clock Christmas Edition

    Desktop Clock is a built-in utility into your computer, a digital desktop clock that displays time, date and calendar which is completely customizable to your tastes.

    Desktop Clock supports different skins, different languages, different formats of time, may be adjusted to your tastes. It can be used for deenergizing the computer in given time.

    This Desktop Enhancement program is a great and impressive tool for your desktop. Enjoy desktop clock with the Chritmas theme.

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    Re: Desktop Clock Christmas Edition

    If you're bored with Windows built-in desktop clock, Desktop Clock Christmas Edition is a easy-to-use utility and a good program that will make your desktop a little more vivid with different Christmas themes and skins.

    Launch this desktop clock now -

    Download Desktop Clock Christmas Edition and install it.

    The installation is very easy and straightforward, following the simple navigation, you could finish it in seconds. Then, launch this program by clicking the desktop icon.

    If you are launching this program for the first time, a Desktop Clock dialog box will pop up. Choose yes from the dropdown menu and select Continue to go on....

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    Re: Desktop Clock Christmas Edition

    I downloaded and installed this program. It's damn easy and a very impressive tool ! Believe me, you dont even need to set date and time even for the first time, it automatically sets itself correctly as per timing set in the processor while installing.

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    Re: Desktop Clock Christmas Edition

    Yaa....that's true. What I found the most interesting is I can change the color of every small component in this desktop clock separately.....

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