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Thread: How to customize synchronization settings ?

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    How to customize synchronization settings ?


    I want to customize certain settings that are associated with synchronization.
    Can anyone provide me the procedure or information regarding the same ? Is there any application I need to download for customizing synchronization settings ?
    kindly give your ideas....

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    Re: How to customize synchronization settings ?

    CustomSync - is a full Windows desktop application that can be used to customize Palm HotSync settings quickly. We can customize the HotSync settings inside HotSync Manager.
    But it is not convenient to customize more synchronization settings, especially for more than one user profile.
    In HotSync Manager, we need to right click the HotSync Icon, click the "Custom" menu item, then invoke many dialog boxes to change the HotSync settings.
    By our CustomSync software, the customization become quite simple, the Palm users and conduits are listed, you may customize many settings with a few clicks. Also you can customize the synchronization settings for multiple users at one time...

    This software is supported on the following Windows Operating Systems -
    Windows 98, Windows, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows 2000

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    Re: How to customize synchronization settings ?

    If you are the Microsoft Windows NT user and want to synchronize the time on your desktop, then Time Synchronization is a specially designed, small, but useful add-on for Microsoft Windows NT. The purpose of this software is to synchronize the local time and date (on local machine) with another computer on local network. It works with almost clockwork precision, the precision is in hundreds of nanoseconds. The most common use is to synchronize with a network server. It is designed as a service, which is controlled by control panel.

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    Re: How to customize synchronization settings ?

    You can download CustomSync simply by clicking below :


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