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Thread: To install sidebar from Vista to XP

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    To install sidebar from Vista to XP

    I have Windows XP as my operating system. Well, I have noticed that the sidebar of Windows Vista seems to be really impressive...
    I want the Windows Vista sidebar to be installed in my Windows XP
    How can I do that ?
    please provide info and ideas abt this ..... thnx

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    Re: To install sidebar from Vista to XP

    follow these steps to install Vista sidebar on XP

    1. Download the Vista Sidebar files
    2. Unrar the files
    3. Copy the Windows Sidebar folder into your Program Files folder. If C is your default Vista drive, the folder should end up here: C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar
    4. Download the hacked patch files from RAFAEL.
    5. Uncompress them into the Windows Sidebar folder
    6. Click on the patch.exe in the Windows Sidebar folder
    7. Click OK to the sidebar.exe - File successfully patched! window
    8. You now need to put the xmlrw.dll into the Windows Sidebar folder. If you have IE7 installed, you can get it from there. If not, you can download it from this forum post. Place xmlrw.dll into your sidebar folder.
    9. Run \Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe
    10. When the sidebar opens, click the plus (+) to load the gadgets.

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    Re: To install sidebar from Vista to XP

    Well, despite Vista has now been available for almost two years now, there are a lot of people that are happily sticking with XP, including you and me. However, there aren't enough exciting features that forces me to switch to Vista, but the one that I like is the Vista sidebar.

    Installing the sidebar consists of installing three packages:
    Alky for Applications,
    Windows Sidebar Installer, and
    Gadget Extractor.

    Alky for Applications is where the magic happens allowing Vista-specific software to run under XP. An interesting side-effect of installing the Windows Sidebar Installer is that the Vista-specific fonts are added to your XP installation.

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    Re: To install sidebar from Vista to XP

    Joshoon over at Deviant Art has uploaded a port of the actual application to Windows XP. Using a combination of resources such as Alky for Applications, a Windows Vista to XP compatibility client, and the sidebar extracted from Vista the port allows XP users to run Vista Sidebar. Users can grab additional sidebar gadgets directly from Microsoft and experience the same functionality as they would with the sidebar on a Vista system. If you're running Windows XP and looking for something to round out real estate on your widescreen monitor this might just be it. The Windows Vista Sidebar pack is free, Windows XP only.

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