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Thread: To convert web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets

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    To convert web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets

    hello friends,

    I have Windows Vista at my home as my operating system. I want to deal with some deaktop feature.
    My question is - Is there any feature where I can convert web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets?

    Any ideas..........

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    Re: To convert web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets

    I don't understand why someone want to unnecessarily add another clock for instance to the sidebar - this does'nt make that sense to me.
    However, there aren’t many useful Vista sidebar gadgets available at the windows marketplace at the moment.

    Well. one way to change the relative uselessness of the Windows Vista sidebar is to use the Amnesty Generator to convert web widgets to sidebar gadgets.

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    Re: To convert web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets

    Amnesty Generator is a free app which converts web widgets from Google, PicGames, SpringWidgets, Grazr, and You Tube into Vista Sidebar gadgets.

    Amnesty makes the process very quick, but beware that most Google gadgets are huge and don't make great gadgets for reasons of size.
    I suggest resizing your widget on the "Add to your page" config page.
    You can change the border, the width and height, as if you were going to put it on your own site. It helps to play around with sizes a bit to get the optimum size for a sidebar gadget.
    Once you are happy, simply click the "get the Code" button on the Google config page and paste the code into Amnesty.
    Amnesty will automatically pick up the dimensions and title of the widget code, but you can change them before clicking generate if you like.
    You can also add an icon image to display in the gadgets panel.
    Once you hit generate, the gadget will be in your Vista panel of gadgets. Simply drag and drop like any other gadget to add it to the sidebar.

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    Re: To convert web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets

    We all know that many widget databases exist that allow you to add widgets to your website. All you need is the final html code that would be used to display the widget on your website. Instead of doing that you would simply paste the code into the generator and watch how a new Vista gadget gets created.

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    Re: To convert web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets

    Converting web widgets into Vista sidebar gadgets is simple....

    Just copy and paste the HTML code for almost any web widget directly into Amnesty Generator and generate a new Sidebar Gadget with the click of a button.

    Advantage - It can create the widgets without any coding experience since the autofill feature does most of the work for you. There are also step by step instructions through out the process.

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