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Thread: How to Change Image Properties ?

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    How to Change Image Properties ?

    Hello , I Have some images in my C drive , Which i Download from the digital camera and When i Click check it properties it Show some details about my Camera , I would like to know How can we change the properties of an image (eg manufacturer of the equipment, exposure time ...) and also give some info about the other settings please give some suggestion thank you in advance

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    Re: How to Change Image Properties ?


    To change an image's properties Open the image in the Image editor.
    In the Properties window, change any or all properties for your image.

    Specifies the color scheme for the image. Select Monochrome, 16, or 256, or True Color. If you have already drawn the image with a 16-color palette, selecting Monochrome causes substitutions of black and white for the colors in the image. Contrast is not always maintained: for example, adjacent areas of red and green are both converted to black.

    Specifies the name of the image file. By default, Visual Studio assigns a base filename created by removing the first four characters ("IDB_") from the default resource identifier (IDB_BITMAP1) and adding the appropriate extension. The file name for the image in this example would be BITMAP1.bmp. You could rename it MYBITMAP1.bmp.

    Sets the height of the image (in pixels). The default value is 48. The image is cropped or blank space is added below the existing image.

    Sets the resource's identifier. For an image, Microsoft Visual Studio, by default, assigns the next available identifier in a series: IDB_BITMAP1, IDB_BITMAP2, and so forth. Similar names are used for icons and cursors.
    Palette Changes color properties. Double-click to select a color and display the Custom Color Selector dialog box. Define the color by typing RGB or HSL values in the appropriate text boxes.

    Indicates whether the image is in a compressed format. This property is read-only. Visual Studio .NET does not allow you to save images in a compressed format, so for any images created in Visual Studio, this property will be False. If you open a compressed image (created in another program) in Visual Studio .NET, this property will be True. If you save a compressed image using Visual Studio .NET, it will be uncompressed and this property will revert back to False.

    Sets the width of the image (in pixels). The default value for bitmaps is 48. The image is cropped or blank space is added to the right of the existing image.

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    Re: How to Change Image Properties ?

    Hello , you can Check this File Properties Changer is a Win32 based application designed to change properties of files, file attributes, file name extensions and a name of a file.Program can set the date and time that a file was created, last accessed, or last modified. File Properties Changer lets you change file name extension with few mouse clicks.Application allows to change the name of a file also.Program helps to modify file attributes (Read-only, Archive, Hidden, System). File Properties Changer can process all files in folder (directory).Program can save a list of files.User can print a list of files also.

    Download from Here

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    Re: How to Change Image Properties ?


    The properties of a photo's EXIF in the file, so it is this that we must change. There are many programs (many are shareware) here is a free ware ImgDescribe allows you to edit some of the EXIF metadata that are stored with an image from a digital camera. WIth ImgDescribe you can change description, author and copyright fields in a single image or in a list of images. ImgDescribe can use simple text file or a descript.ion file prepared by other other software

    download From here

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    Re: How to Change Image Properties ?

    file attribute changer can also do this i used this mostly becuase it can change properties of not only images but other files also Change Properties Now! allows you to change file properties massively. It can even check or clear readonly attribute as well as every file attribute. You can select sets of files from diferent locations or select entire folders and subfolders

    Some Change Properties Now! features are:
    • Change or clear read only file attribute of files copied from cd-rom.
    • Change file properties of a set of files.
    • Change file properties of every file in a given folder and its subfolders.
    • Option to filter files by its file extension.
    • Very easy to use,view screenshot.
    • Extremely fast,set or clear any file attribute from thousands of files in just seconds.
    • Powerful tool!

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