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Thread: Having Shortcut Icon Problem

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    sad Having Shortcut Icon Problem

    Hello Friends,

    I'm running Windows Xp on my system and whenever i try to right click on a shortcut icon in start menu, my Windows reboots. After rebooting all the start-up programs gets reload again. I don't understand why this problem occurs on my pc. Can any one tell me why i'm having such problem? Any help on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Having Shortcut Icon Problem

    If you are seeing the incorrect or default shortcut icon for your Web page, try the following:

    • Verify that the shortcut icon is the correct size and format. For more information, see Creating Icons in the Correct Size and Format. Note that shortcut icons in image formats other than .ico—for instance, .bmp, .gif, or .png—cannot be displayed in Internet Explorer.
    • Clear the Internet Explorer cache and history information. If either has become corrupted, incorrect shortcut icons may appear.

    • To clear the cache and history information in Internet Explorer , on the Tools menu, click Delete Browsing History. Click Delete files to clear the cache, and click Delete history to clear the history information. Also, since shortcut icons for favorites are stored in the shortcut (.url) file in Internet Explorer 7, try removing the favorite and adding it again.
    • To clear the cache and history information in Internet Explorer 6, on the Tools menu, click Internet Options. Under Temporary Internet files, click Delete files, and under History, click Clear history.

    • Verify that Internet Explorer can store the shortcut icon in the Temporary Internet Files folder. If you have set Internet Explorer to not keep a cache, then it will not be able to store the icon and will display the default Internet Explorer shortcut icon instead.

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    Re: Having Shortcut Icon Problem

    I think I know what MIGHT be going on. This is probably the Windows Installer acting wired. Try the following.

    1. Uninstall your setup
    2. On the target machine, browse to C:\Winnt\Installer (or C:\WIndows\Installer)
    3. There will be a few folders in here with named like "{BBA2E5E9-A4CB-11D6-A8F7-00B0D0419B9B}"
    4. Look in each one and see if you find a folder containing the icon you specified for your application. This could be either the newer or older application.
    5. Delete this folder
    6. Run your setup again and look at the icon.

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    Re: Having Shortcut Icon Problem

    Try this to see if it fixes things for you:

    1. Go to Control Panel>Display and select the Appearance tab.

    2. Click the "effects" button.

    3. Select "Use large icons" (or unselect it if it is already
    selected), then click OK.

    4. Click "OK".

    The icons on your screen should be reloaded, based on whatever source
    file each icon is supposed to be using.

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    Re: Having Shortcut Icon Problem

    I've got good news but not all good. I had this problem too. No matter what the suggestion, nothing worked. The changing of the icons size, the changes that I have seen to the registry editor, even some I tried on my own - nothing! All the online suggestions didnt work. I even removed Internet explorer and left ONLY firefox and I still only have internet explorer icons as shortcuts to websites and could not change them on the desktop.

    I have created a workaround which will absolutely work. This assumes, however, that your problem is ONLY with icons that are websites, not icons for other desktop programs. In my case, I created on the desktop several shortcuts to the Mozilla Firefox Program. Then, I right clicked on the Firefox icon and selected "properties". On the target line after the "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" leave a space and type "" (without the quotes) where the actual text is the site you want a special icon for. Save this and then you will be able to change this icon by clicking on "Change Icon." I suspect that you could do this with Internet Explorer program as well. The difference between this and the problem you are experiencing is that here, you are actually running a program from the desktop while the way you have been trying to do it, you are placing a "Website" directly on the desktop and somewhere, your computer says "Website" = "Internet Explorer"

    Good luck.

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