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Thread: Remove Thumbnails Border

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    Remove Thumbnails Border


    Is there any way to remove border around icons in thumbnail view of Windows XP?

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    Re: Remove Thumbnails Border

    I don't think so its possible. Better is use the icon or tile view.

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    Re: Remove Thumbnails Border

    You can change the Folder Background in Windows Explorer :

    Create a text file named desktop.ini. in the folder where you need to change the background. You may find a hidden file in that folder too with the name desktop.ini. If present open that file and add the following code at the end

    IconArea_Image=complete path to the image file
    for example:
    IconArea_Image=Bday photos\abc.bmp
    Save the file.
    You can keep the background picture in that folder or any other location you want. All you have to do is to provide the correct path.

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