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Thread: RocketDock Disappeared !

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    RocketDock Disappeared !


    Somehow I deleted every icon off rocketdock ..task manager it tells me rocketdock is running but I can't see it.. and the the transparancey settings on 100%...any idea how I can get it back?

    Thanks for any help

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    Re: RocketDock Disappeared !

    First end the process in task manager and reinstall RocketDock and it should become visible again .

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    Re: RocketDock Disappeared !

    Just find the RocketDock folder in C:\WINDOWS\Bricopack

    Once you've found the folder, close rocketdock.exe via task manager (ctrl+alt+del) There should be a .reg file in the folder. Double click on it and press Yes/OK. Then start rocketdock.exe again. It should have icons again

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    Re: RocketDock Disappeared !

    Download the latest version here Version 1.3.5 (6.20 MB) , and first uninstall the current version on your system and install this. Please note that Windows XP x64 Edition, Windows Vista 64-bit Editions, and alternate shells are not supported.

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