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Thread: How to Type Extended Characters ?

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    How to Type Extended Characters ?

    Hello, I Am trying to learn the Foreign language, and having a little Problem With the extended Characters.I am Not able to Type all the characters, I also Happen To Face the Problem in linux , or a browser window, a local editor window, So can you Help me and tell me How can I type the Extended Characters and ascii Characters and other information Which You might Feel Would be Relevent , thanks in Advance .

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    Re: How to Type Extended Characters ?

    The normal ASCII character set includes characters with codes between 32 (space) and 126 (~ or tilde). On PC-compatible computers, the codes 127 through 255 also correspond to characters that may be displayed on the screen, such as foreign language letters, scientific symbols, and pieces of boxes and borders. These are the extended ASCII characters, and there are normally no keys reserved for them on the keyboard. You can still type these characters, however, by holding down the Alt key while pressing the digits of the ASCII code on the numeric keypad. For example, to type a one-quarter symbol, while pressing Alt, type 1 , then 7 , and then 4 on the keypad. To type an infinity symbol, while pressing Alt, type 2 , then 3 , and then 6 on the keypad. Note: This will work for all characters with ASCII codes greater than or equal to 32. For example, to type capital A, you could also hold down Alt and press 6 , then 5 .

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    Re: How to Type Extended Characters ?

    If the font being used has extended ASCII characters, such as Interleaved 2-of-5, OCR-A or Code128, then to print the extended ACSII characters that are not defined on the keyboard Then It is possible to copy the characters into the Windows clipboard using the Microsoft Character Map font viewer application and paste them into the application. Character Map is a free font application that is integrated into Windows. If this application isn't installed on the Windows PC, go to Control Panel - Add Remove Programs, select Windows Components and choose Add.

    1. Open Character Map.
    2. In Font, choose the font to copy characters from.
    3. Select the characters, one at a time, so that they all appear in the "characters to copy" box.
    4. To copy the characters to use to the Clipboard, click Select, and then click Copy.
    5. In the application, on the Format menu, click Font, and then select the font.
    6. On the Edit menu of the application, click Paste to paste the extended characters from the Clipboard into the document.

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    Re: How to Type Extended Characters ?

    Hello, Check and Download the reference For Extended letters are not recognised by all browsers and not all System Fonts include them - use sparingly.
    Download Reference Bitmap - Win .BMP zip

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    Re: How to Type Extended Characters ?

    Using Character Map to find ALT key sequences Windows also includes an application called "Character Map" which you can use to determine the keyboard sequences for other extended characters. This includes not only foreign characters with diacritical marks, but also typographic symbols such as the ellipse; the em and en dashes; and the fraction, trademark, and copyright symbols. Once you have opened Character Map, select the font you plan to use (note that not all extended characters may be available with all fonts). If you don't know which font to choose, choose Arial. After you have selected a font, click on the character for which you would like to know the keystroke. The ALT key combination will appear at the bottom right of the Character Map window. You can now close Character Map and return to your work.

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