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Thread: Adjust graphics for performance of windows

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    Adjust graphics for performance of windows

    hi i have one pc in that i am using windows xp and my computer is not latest one. i have p4 3.0 ,256mb ram. now days i am feeling much lagging program in xp. i think its due to is heavy appearance graphics can any one tell me how can i improve my computer performance .please suggest me.thank you.

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    Re: Adjust graphics for performance of windows

    you can try this for performance
    • click on start
    • go to my computer
    • property
    • advance
    • go for performance>setting tab
    • then click on adjust for best performance
    • click ok

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    Re: Adjust graphics for performance of windows

    you can also reduce the color quality to improve performance. make the setting which determines how many colors are displayed on your screen.

    1. Right click on your desktop and select properties.
    2. Click on the settings tab and adjust the color quality drop down box to Medium (16 Bit).
    3. Click OK.

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