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Thread: Windows XP style missing

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    Windows XP style missing

    Hi friends,

    My PC was got affected by virus somehow i was able to remove the virus from my pc.But after removing the virus i say that Theme service was being disabled.I tried to run services.msc, and was able to see the Themes in the services list, but there wasn't any themes.

    Can anyone help me out with this issue.
    Thanks in Advance.

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    Re: Windows XP style missing

    Try to follow this steps hope it will work for you.
    1. Click on START- - > CONTROL PANEL.
    3. Goto THEMES and then right click, Select on PROPERTIES
    4. Select STARTUP TYPE and select AUTOMATIC.
    5. Click on Apply and OK your setting and reboot.

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    Re: Windows XP style missing

    Thanks for you help but it didn't worked for me any other solution.

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    Re: Windows XP style missing

    Sure i will help you out with this issue:-

    1. First download any themes from the below link
    2. Take the folder with the MSSTYLE and the Shell and put it in

    3. Now double click the MSSTYLE,where you have store (i.e in C : ) ,Press OK.

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