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Thread: Windows Vista Themes for Windows XP

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    Windows Vista Themes for Windows XP

    I am at the moment running windows XP Home, and I would like to know if Microsoft has a theme for Vista out? Thanks for any replies.
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    Re: Windows Vista Themes for Windows XP

    3 Windows Vista themes for Windows XP

    The best thing about Vista than anything else is probably the eye candy that it offers. Not all people can afford Vista though, so most of you are content with Windows XP.

    Still, you can quench your thirst a bit with some Vista style themes for Windows XP. Just by downloading Visual styles and installing them, you can give a really stunning look to your XP operating system.

    But note that none of these Visual styles can actually get to touch the real amount of elegance that Vista offers.

    Before I take you to the list of some great Vista styles for Windows XP, here’s a quick guide on how you can install them:

    • Download UX Theme MultiPatcher from here
    • Run the setup file
    • Grab anyone of the following styles and download them on to your PC
    • Double click on the .msstyle file and apply the style.
    • Voila! Your XP has a new look

    The first two themes don’t require other third party software, but you need to install WindowBlinds to use the third theme.

    Razor Vista Theme

    VistaVG Theme

    AeroGlass Theme

    Note that these visual styles can reduce performance, so go for them only if your computer has a good amount of resources.

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    Re: Windows Vista Themes for Windows XP

    Change your boring old Windows XP theme to look like Vista using MSStyles (no shell-packs!) for free! Plus you don’t need to download any software to do it either (so your computer won’t get messed up!). You can do it all by yourself and when you are done it is surely going to look like Windows Vista.

    Changing the XP theme

    First make sure that you have patched up your uxtheme.dll file. This recipe also tells you how to change your themes.

    Now you are ready to do some downloading.

    There are many msstyles themes out there that look super cool and look like vista/longhorn.

    You can also get shell packs and windows blinds themes but some people claim that this can mess up your computer badly.
    The theme that I found works best is VistaXP by -kol! (but it was so popular that MS got it removed). Just go to google to find themes that work well. These themes will make your computer look like Windows Vista for sure. So… go ahead and download it.
    Then unzip or copy it to C:\WINDOWS\Resources\Themes

    All right now you can change your computers theme to the Vista theme you chose.

    Changing the Wallpaper

    There are lots of Vista wall papers available… chances are that you have one included with your theme as well. If you don’t then you can try your luck at WinMatrix’s great post for Vista wallpapers. If not then you can always search on Google for Vista Wallpapers.

    If you want you can also get this wallpaper which also a CoolGrass wallpaper by ApacheUser plus it has the Windows Vista logo on it!

    For more information go to this link.

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    Re: Windows Vista Themes for Windows XP

    There is none. Aero is a completely different framework, and it's themes can't be installed under XP's UXThemes system. Of course, you can use WindowBlinds or the patched UXThemes to allow you to download and install a third party Vista theme, but bear in mind that the patched UXThemes cannot apply transparency effects or alpha blending like Aero and WindowBlinds can.

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