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Thread: Conversion to a Tablet PC!

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    Conversion to a Tablet PC!

    Turn Your Laptop or Desktop Into a Tablet PC

    A Tablet PC is type of laptop or a notebook computer with a slate screen where you can scribble directly using a stylus pen without typing with a keyboard. Because of these "pen & ink" features, Tablet PCs are much more expensive than standard laptops.
    So here's an innovative device called EZ-Canvas that converts any standard 17" LCD Monitor into a touch sensitive screen where you can use your own handwriting to write on the screen just like a Tablet PC pen input.

    EZ Cavas is like an LCD Protector acryl panel with sensors that detect movement of a pen and the pen locates a mouse pointer. This acryl panel can be used as either a touch screen or a tablet pc.

    Simply attach the EZ Canvas sensors to the upper corners of your PC monitor, then using the special stylus (and custom software) you can write, edit or even draw directly onto your display with your motions being translated to cursor movements.This works with all Windows OS ,you don't need Windows Tablet PC edition.

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    Re: Conversion to a Tablet PC!

    Convert Notebook to a Tablet PC

    This new hardware is a big part of the Tablet PC appeal, but the operating system is also quite interesting. And you don't need to play with the OS. You can convert your existing laptop into a temporary Tablet PC running the new Windows OS. First you need the following:

    * Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (available if you are a MSDN subscriber)
    * A graphics tablet such as the Wacom

    Wacom supplies the pressure-sensitive pen input technology to major Tablet PCs manufacturers, including Acer, Fujitsu, Toshiba and Viewsonic.

    The Intuos2 comes with an Intuos2 pen and a cordless 2D mouse. The 2D mouse requires the graphics tablet in order to work (it is not an optical mouse). So with this combination, you can say goodbye to your old mouse.
    With the above items, you have to setup the whole Tablet PC system on an IBM ThinkPad.

    Running my Tablet PC :

    The setup process was similar to that of installing Windows XP Professional edition. It's only when you restart the machine that you will realize you are now using Windows XP Tablet PC Edition.

    The Tablet PC Input Panel has two tabs, one for you to write (Writing Pad) and one for you to tap on a keyboard.

    If you are using a normal notebook or a desktop, using the keyboard in the Input Panel doesn't make much sense.

    Using the Writing Pad, you can use the Intuos2 Pen and start scribbling away. A couple of comments here. First, it "writes" very much as if you're writing on paper. The response is good. It doesn't feel like writing on your PDA. As the tablet is magnetic-based, touching the tablet with your hands does not affect your writing. However, since I am not writing directly on the screen

    Using the Windows Journal

    The strength of the Tablet PC no doubt lies in the Windows Journal. The Windows Journal is an application that acts like your notebook (in the literal sense), allowing you to scribble notes and drawings. You can also perform searches based on your handwriting, something that is truly impressive.

    To be honest, I am skeptical of handwriting recognition technology. While Microsoft demos always seem perfect, I really wanted to see for myself if the technology works for me. So, with skepticism, I powered up the Windows Journal:

    And so I started scribbling. As you can see, my handwriting is really terrible.

    Windows Journal allows you to save your notes as Digital Ink. Or you can convert it to text.

    You can also highlight your writings with a highlighter. If you make a mistake, an eraser is always on standby:

    Reading on the Tablet PC

    Zinio Reader is an e-magazine reader that allows you to read a magazine on your computer, much like reading a paper copy. You can download the free reader from You also have the option to download a sample Business Week magazine.
    With my pen and tablet, I can draw on the magazine itself:

    Have fun!

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