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Thread: Image from video

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    Image from video

    I have a small video clip in my digital camera and I would like to have a picture from it on my desktop. How to take picture from video? Anyone who can tell me how to do it easily?

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    Re: Image from video

    You can upload the video clips to your PC! If you want, you can take a Print Screen image of what you want a picture of.

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    Re: Image from video

    Depends on what software you have.

    I will be based in one of the most widespread: the Movie Maker. You can simply import the movie and click on the "Take a picture" that is quite right and sees a camera.

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    Re: Image from video

    There are also some players which can take screenshot of the videos. Like the BS player, there is a feature of 'capture image'. You can pause the video at the desired point and take its image...the most simple way.

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    Re: Image from video

    Image Video Converter,
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