1. Spice QT-95 Mobile

Warranty: Out of Warranty
Around 2 yrs old.
Selling Price: 2000 + shipping
Condition: 6 / 10

2. Seagate IDE Hard Disk

Make: Seagate
Capacity: 10.2GB
Connectivity: IDE
Warranty Status: Not applicable
Selling Price: 700+shipping

3. Wireless Beetel Modem

Make: Beetel 450 TC1 ADSL Modem
Warranty Status: Not applicable
Selling Price: 900 + shipping

4. XFX Radeon HD4350 1GB DDR2

Make: XFX Radeon
Capacity: 1GB DDR2
Warranty Status: Not applicable
Selling Price: 1700 + shipping

5. Zotac Geforce 8400GS

Make: Zotac Geforce
Capacity: 512 MB DDR 2
Warranty Status: Not applicable
Selling Price: 1400 + Shipping

6. Sapphire Radeon HD5670 1GB DDR5

Make: Sapphire Radeon HD 5670
Capacity: 1GB DDR5
Warranty Status: Till 10/2014 (Invoice available)
Selling Price: 4000 + shipping

7. Geforce 2

Make: Geforce 2
Capacity: Dont know.Had purchased it for a friend.
Warranty Status: N/A
Selling Price: 800 + shipping

8. On/OFF Switch for PS3

Make: Imported
Quantity: 10 pieces
Price: 300 per piece + shipping
Warranty: N/A

9. PS3 Bluetooth Controller

Make: Sony OEM
Quantity: 2 pieces
Price: 1700 per piece + shipping
Warranty: N/A. These are imported from Hong Kong.

10. Pen Drives

Make: Kingston Nalla
Size: 64GB
Quantity: 2
Price: 100 per piece + shipping
Warranty: N/A. My friend had purchased these from road side stall and gifted it to me. They are not 64GB capacity. You can flaunt them though.

11. Cabinet Fan

Brand: Evercool Fox-2
Keeps the cabinet cool and throws the dust out of the cabinet
Price: 200 + shipping
Warranty: N/A
Condition: Used

12. Laptop PCMCIA Lan Card

Brand: Lucent Technologies
Wireless LAN Card
Warranty: N/A
Price: 700 + shipping

13. VMWare Headphone with Mic

Brand: VMWare
Price: 600 + shipping
Warranty: N/A

All negotiations only via PM. Lowballers are welcomed only on PM. Please don't spam or spoil the thread.

All images are here: http://imageshack.us/g/502/img0261kj.jpg/