I purchased a Zebronics TV Tuner External (LCD) ZEB L2010 while my TV was taking long time to get repaired. Purchased on 26th August. Now I got my TV Back after repair and cannot use it further as I have one STB. Want to sell this out for 1500 INR. I purchased it for 2000 INR.

TV format : NTSC, PAL (BY mode)
Resolution : 800x600@60, 75 Hz; 1024x768@60, 75Hz; 1280x1024@60Hz; 1280x800@60Hz; 1440x900@60Hz; 1680x1050@60Hz.
TV input : (75 ohm impedance, F or PH type)
AV input : AV, S-Video
Audio input : RCA L/R
RGB input : Composite RGB x1
Audio output : 3.5mm connector
RGB output : D-SUB x1

Use of digital frequency multiple technology. Supports six resolution modes, Resolution up to 1680 x 1050
Plug and Play, no installation required
PIP function, capable of watching TV while surfing on the internet
3D Motion adaptive de-interlace, digital image enhancement and digital noise reduction technology brings you clearer and sharper image
Supports PAL, NTSC 3.58/4.43 TV standard, with VIDEO, S-VIDEO input for easy connection of video camera, DVD, TV game player, etc.
Supports multi-channel display (TV wall) to preview all channels' programs conveniently
Powerful remote controller with full functions, and OSD support in multi-languages