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Thread: [FS] XBOX 360S 250GB+Kinect Bundle; XBOX games ; PS3 Controller

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    [FS] XBOX 360S 250GB+Kinect Bundle; XBOX games ; PS3 Controller

    XbOX 360 slim 250GB Kinect Bundle
    Purchase Date: Dec 2010
    Purchase Place: Australia when I was deputed there for work.
    region: PAL. All games sold in India (PAL) will work
    Warranty: No India warranty. Warranty in Australia only
    Note: I do not have the original box for the console. Had to throw it while coming
    Reason for sale: don't game much but have all 3 wii, PS3 and xbox. Planning on disposing all except PS3

    The console has the latest downloaded expansion pack of Super street fighter 4 arcade edition worth 700 bucks. Also has alternate costumes of SSF4 worth 1000 bucks. All included and will be given.

    Bundle includes the below:
    xbox 360 slim with 250 GB HDD
    Black wireless controller
    xbox live headset
    Cables (whatever came bundled)
    Power brick (220-240v) which works as per indian stds
    game: Kinect Adventures

    Expected price: Rs 25,000/-
    XBOX bundle Only for bangalore buyers as Its too painful for me to arrange boxes for shipping outstation

    XBOX Game: Kinect Sports
    Bought in Feb 2011 from India
    Selling price: Rs 1600/- + shipping
    Please note: I will sell the games only if I sell the Kinect

    XBOX Game: Dance Central
    Bought From Australia for 80$(approx 3.8k)
    Selling price: Rs 1500/- + shipping
    Please note: I will sell the games only if I sell the Kinect

    PS3 DS3 controller (Sealed Packed)
    Purchase date: around 2 months back
    Purchased from: Tradus online store
    Color: Military Green
    Bill: available as a soft copy
    reason for sale: I have bought a wireless Fightpad which serves as the second controller for my PS3
    Warranty: 1 year warranty from Sony India
    Expected Price: Rs 2400/- + shipping

    Wii Sports resort:
    Condition: Sealed packed
    Came bundled with my wii Black edition. Have modded the wii so not using the game
    Expected price: rs 1000/- + shipping

    Offer: Take all xbox items for 26,000/- (Pickup from my Home)



    PS3 DS3 Controller

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    Re: [FS] XBOX 360S 250GB+Kinect Bundle; XBOX games ; PS3 Controller

    as i am intrested in buying xbox let me know the best price

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