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Thread: Selling 3 used TFTs/LCDs

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    annababu Guest

    Selling 3 used TFTs/LCDs

    Panel Size-18.5"
    Aspect Ratio-Widescreen (16-9)
    Panel Type-TN Twisted Nematic
    Maximum Resolution-1366 x 768 at 60 Hz
    Contrast Ratio-1000-1 (typical)
    Brightness-250 cd/m2 (typical)
    Response Time-5ms
    Viewing Angle-160 vertical / 160 horizontal
    Color Support-85%
    Pixel Pitch-0.30mm
    Device Type-Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
    Connection - VGA
    Power Consumption-Normal-16W Maximum
    Saving Mode-less than 1W

    Includes-- Monitor with Power and VGA cable.

    Total Price- Rs./- (inclusive shipping)


    SyncMaster 740NW
    4 months little used as new with original box packing and with manufacture warranty.

    Total Price- Rs.6480/- (inclusive shipping)

    19" Dell - 1908WFP Ultrasharp with 4 USB ports

    DVI and ANALOG (VGA)

    Comes with Height adjustable stand (100mm)
    Size (inches) -19inches
    Resolution (pixels) -1440 by 900
    Maximum Brightness (candelas per square meter) -300
    Contrast Ratio -1000:1
    Horizontal View Angle (degrees) -160
    Vertical View Angle (degrees) -160
    Antiglare- Yes
    Pixel Response Time (milliseconds) -5
    Type of Pixel Response Time -Gray-to-gray
    Can Factory Default Settings Be Reset?- Yes
    Pixel Pitch (mm) -0.28
    Depth (inches) -7.4
    Height (inches) -13.3
    Width (inches)-17.4
    Weight (pounds)-13.1
    Downstream USB ports - 4
    Upstream USB ports - 1

    Total Price- Rs.7548/- (inclusive shipping)

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    annababu Guest

    Re: Selling 3 used TFTs/LCDs

    Dell 18.5" TFT Total Price- Rs.6250/- (inclusive shipping)

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    Re: Selling 3 used TFTs/LCDs

    u r from...?
    u are asking for very high price...
    lower the price i ll buy dell ultra sharp

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    Re: Selling 3 used TFTs/LCDs

    want tft for 2500

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    Re: Selling 3 used TFTs/LCDs

    where u based

    i am in mumbai

    let me know.. can i insp. the monitors??

    PM me

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    Down Re: Selling 3 used TFTs/LCDs

    you are asking even higher than new. Dell 18.5" is available @ Rs.6200

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