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Thread: For sale N95 (chinese)

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    billyboybad Guest

    For sale N95 (chinese)

    For sale N95 (chinese) 3 weeks old

    condition : mint condition

    current market price : around 5.5k

    expected : 5k shipped

    location : mumbai

    reason for sale : upgraded to XM5800

    pm me ur offers & plz dont crap this thread, use pm instead.

    needless to say, charger & other accessories included

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    dude i want this one, consider this one sold.. just let me know how the transfer is going to take place

    I am first in the line so please sell this to me only

    check ur pm dude

    please post some more pics:
    Bill(If Possible)
    Some close up shots of phone...

    And if you dont mind, can you post the features of this phone... Does this version support GPS. and what is the OS of this phone. I hope it is Symbian not some chinese os...
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