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Thread: P4 Computer for sale

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    P4 Computer for sale

    hey guys m selling my old PC working in perfect condition

    Herez the config

    Pentium4 1.6Ghz 256kb cache

    HIS 845 chipset motherboard

    Hynix 640 Mb(512+128)SD RAM

    80Gb IDE hard disk

    Geforce 2 MX 64mb Graphics card

    Techmatrix with cabinet 450W SMPS

    Realtek LANCARD

    Modem (not sure if its working havent used it for 3-4yrs)

    Will also provide with extra graphics for free like Another geforce 2,Trident BladeXP,Radeon 9200SE(not sure if these cards are working)

    If u buy the whole system then i can provide u with 20gb of Hindi or English songs or 20Gb of movies or can provide u with two games like NFS most wanted,Age of empires 3 etc......

    total price expected: 6K(slightly negotiable)

    Mumbai buyers prefered if u want whole system

    If u want any single part then mail me at
    with part name n price at which u want to buy....

    Reason for Sale:Got new PC

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    raheelshadab Guest


    I want 2 buy the product at 4k. Can you tell me ur location? if you agree then it will be a deal for sure.

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    Is your system in good condition and is working properly? How old is your computer? What would be the final cost of the whole system after negotiation?

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    Well its working flawlessly..about 4-5yrs old not sure when i bought it....and everything is fine except sides of cabinet.....Will try to provide with another cabinet for 5K...if i cant find another cabinet then cost will be 4750\-

    I live in Mumbai....if u guys are interested let me know

    And i think HDD has 2yr warranty left but i dont have the bill so dunno if its still valid....

    Interested guys mail me at

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