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Thread: Avast 4.8 free vs AVG 7.5 vs AVG 8.0

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    Avast 4.8 free vs AVG 7.5 vs AVG 8.0

    I am using Avast in one of my system. I am testing AVG 7.5 in other one. Rightnow the Avast edition is 4.8 and it looks to be working fine. But I want to upgrade to more recent one. I found that AVG installation was much easier and the memory usage is less compared to Avast. I want some suggestion on choosing the right version among Avast and AVG. The newest edition that I had seen on official site is AVG 8.0. Does compared to this Norton or McAfee is more effective.

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    To find the system usage you must use a system monitor tool. This will give you detail information on each application running in the background. AVAST is a good antivirus. I am using this for years. The issue with this is that is freezes up too quickly and you cannot do nothing in that. While compared to that a new edition of AVG is lighter and better. It totally depends on you what you want to install. AVG is a nice antivirus that might work properly but still give you a bit hard time on updates.

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    This are all free antivirus and the protection on it is limited. You cannot depend on them completely. If you really need to test you must check the boot time. Due to antivirus installed the boot time is affected and that is the only way you can find how much your systems performance is affected. You said you have two different systems configured. If the boost time with Avast is higher then it is consuming more system resources. I am using McAfee. It is nice, but you need a good system ram to use this. Check the minimum system requirement before installing any new antivirus.

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    You can get nice comparison on web. There are many antivirus, but if your system is low on resources you cannot do anything in that. There are certain modes in a antivirus which allows minimum system usage. Kaspersky is one of the antivirus which is termed as lightest on system memory. Another antivirus which comes in similar category is Avira. I am not sure about Avast performance.

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    I am using Kasperky antivirus. It consumes 10-20MB of ram every time. While my laptop has Avast which shows around 50MB usage. So compared to them if we see the stats then Kaspersky is far more better in many ways. I have lots of data stored. There are two drives in my system. The scanning takes a bit higher time due to large amount of data but it is found that you can trust on Kaspersky for performance.

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