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Thread: How to remove braviax.exe malware?

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    How to remove braviax.exe malware?

    Recently my system has got affected by braviax.exe malware and i want to get rid of it as soon as possible. I have tried running scan using AVG and Adaware but they are not able to detect it. Is there anything else that i can try out further?? any help regrading this will be appreciated.

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    Re: How to remove braviax.exe malware?

    There are some other good anti - malware and anti - spyware program, i will suggest you to use SuperAntiSpyware. It is one of the best free spyware removal programs. I have been using it from a long time and my system hasn't ran in to any issue until now. It keeps my system well protected, just download and install it and run a through scan, i think it will surely help you out.

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    Re: How to remove braviax.exe malware?

    I will suggest you to use SDfix utility, i have found some using it to get rid of braviax.exe malware. Just make sure that you are renaming SDfix.exe file by adding some characters to it before running it. I know that might sound weird but you have to change it so that it doesn't get recognized by braviax because if it gets recognized that braviax will prevent it from running.

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    Re: How to remove braviax.exe malware?

    You can also use bartpe disc for removing braviax.exe as well as ntos.exe which is responsible for creating it. You can get hold of them in \windows\system32 folder. I am not sure if SDfix utility will work or not as i have come across some negative remarks for it. You can check them out both and find it out yourself.

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    I dont think there is actually a need of malware removal tool, you can simply download process explorer and use it for deleting registry entries that braviax.exe malware might have made.

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