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Thread: Where to find a kaspersky anti-virus 7.0 activation code or licensekey?

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    Where to find a kaspersky anti-virus 7.0 activation code or licensekey?

    I am looking for Kaspersky Antivirus 7 activation code. I cannot find the license copy. I had downloaded the same from web which has a serial key file, but it is not working. Can anyone forward me a free code. Thanks.

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    It is not legit to get a free code just like that. You have to pay for the license copy and then it became the legal copy. I had seen people using tons of cracks and think they are secure. But those cracks already contain virus.

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    Yes that is right. You cannot just get the key for free. You might get yourself banned. Instead of looking for a cracked edition go on web and download a free antivirus. There are many which are powerful enough to deal with latest virus infections.

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