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Thread: Google search results redirected??

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    Google search results redirected??

    Whenever I search something on Google, I am redirected to other website. For example if I search ebay and open it, Google takes to some other page. I am not sure about what it the issue, but it is very annoying. I cannot search anything. If this is a kind of virus issue, then my antivirus shows nothing. The page where Google takes me, has tons of advertisement on it. I am using a Windows XP computer which has IE7 installed on it. My system is updated and there is no issue at all.

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    This happen to adware or virus. There are tons of redirection virus which lies in the system and when you use the web, it redirects you to some other site. You must scan you system in safe mode and see whether there is any thing found. If your existing antivirus does not shows you any information then try some better one. You can use System Restore also. It will give you some old settings back.

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