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Thread: AVG 8 update / uninstall problems

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    AVG 8 update / uninstall problems

    I was not able to update AVG 8 Free, it gives me an error message saying "General error, not enough free memory, write error". While i was looking after a fix for this in other forum i came across one mentioning that he was able to fix this error by uninstalling and reinstalling AVG . So now when i am trying to uninstall AVG 8 than i get below error:
    "Local machine: installation failed.

    Error: Action failed for file avgemc.exe creating backup
    Error: 0x8007000Z %DESTINATION% - "C:\Program Files \ AVG \ AVG8 \
    %SOURCE% - "C:\Program Files \ AVG \ AVG8 \ avgemc.exe"

    Is there anything i can do about it???

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    Re: AVG 8 update / uninstall problems

    In that case i will suggest you to uninstall it using CCleaner , i have been using it for uninstalling such programs and i haven't faced any issue yet. It is capable of cleaning left overs, temp files and Registry as well, best of luck.

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    Re: AVG 8 update / uninstall problems

    Why dont you just use AVG uninstaller?? You can download it from avg official site. I think that it will be best uninstaller for dealing with AVG products.

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    A better idea will be uninstalling AVG 8 and installing avast. I have had several issue with AVG 8. There are number of threads in this forum itself where people have raised update issue with AVG . You can just check out below one:
    AVG 8.0 update problem

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    Get Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, it is even better than avast, it is capable of detecting and removing malware which doesn't even gets recognized by known anti-virus and anti-malware applications. Even i have used AVG 8, i did not had issue in installing it updates but i found it to be more resource hungry, it used to eat up system resources while carrying out scan. I dont see same response with Malwarebytes. It's quite light and works great.

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