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Old 18-09-2014
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Antec Neo ECO 620w for R9 280X good enough?

I am using a Gigabyte motherboard with AMD FX-8350 processor. I am looking to purchase a new R9 280X graphics card. So for all this component, do you think whether Antec Neo Eco 620Watt power supply would be good enough or not? I am not quite sure if this PSU will be supported because I have read from some place that the graphics card along with all other hardware requires a minimum of 750Watt power supply. So, if there is anyone who can recommend me whether to go for Antec 620W or some other psu, all suggestions would be welcomed. Thank you
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Old 19-09-2014
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Re: Antec Neo ECO 620w for R9 280X good enough?

The Antec Neo ECO 620w is decent enough for a Radeon R9 280X and a AMD FX-8350 CPU. It is an entry level PSU and also based on the Seasonic S12-II Bronze platform. The best part about this Antec PSU is that the 48 amps on its 12x rail is good enough to run any single graphics card as well. If you are considering to buy 2 graphics card in Crossfire in the near future then you would have to purchase a 750Watt PSU or even somewhat greater than that.
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Old 20-09-2014
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Re: Antec Neo ECO 620w for R9 280X good enough?

I also agree that the Antec Neo ECO 620w is a good power supply and the graphics card uses only a 250 watt TDP. The review of this Antec PSU is also good and it is also similarly build with the same structure of the Seasonic 12II and S12II. However, there are some Sapphire R9 280X card that suggest you to use a 750 watt power supply. But if you dont have this brands GPU then you can go with the Antec Neo without any issues but make sure that it is a Tier 3 or higher PSU.
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Old 22-09-2014
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Re: Antec Neo ECO 620w for R9 280X good enough?

AMD Radeon cards are power hungry so, along with all the hardware components that you have I would definitely recommend you to go for a 750 watt power supply which will keep the power flow stable for the graphics card. Check out the EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 750 G 80 PLUS GOLD Certified 750W PSU which will cost you only $95. This power supply is fully modular with 80 plus Gold and also comes with too many cables that you would like. Plus you get a 10 year warranty as well for this PSU.
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