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Old 09-08-2014
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Antec HCG 750M Power Supply making loud noise

I am using the Antec HCG 750M power supply and it is making too much loud noise. Although my computer build is working properly I am afraid that it wont work in the near future. When I opened the case then I noticed that the fans are hitting a piece of plastic on the inside of the case. There is something connected on the right side which looks like a pin connection on the motherboard and it has a little tab off that piece which keeps getting hit. How do I solve this issue?
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Old 11-08-2014
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Re: Antec HCG 750M Power Supply making loud noise

Have you made sure that your Power Supply fan is the only thing that is hitting something or else? Just try to take a close look, by using a flashlight and see if anything is visible to you. Also try to rotate the fan and move it slightly up and down and hear for anything rattling around. Incase you are not able to see or hear anything then it might be possible that the fan motor is crapped out. How old is your Power Supply anyways? If it is new then you can RMA it to get a new one.
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Old 12-08-2014
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Re: Antec HCG 750M Power Supply making loud noise

Can you tell us what is the plastic connector attached to? Do you mean to say that something is connecting to the Power Supply or is it something attached to the computer case only? In any case you can try to turn everything off and then ensure to screw it tightly and check that all the cables are plugged in securely. If still you are getting the loud noise then it simply means that the PSU fan or bearing might have gotten bad, so you will need to RMA it as soon as possible.
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Old 13-08-2014
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Re: Antec HCG 750M Power Supply making loud noise

Yes, even I agree that you should RMA your Antec HCG 750M Power Supply which is making loud noise. Even if you choose to fix it easily but still you will void the warranty. So, it will be good if you RMA the psu. It might be possible that the plastic sheet and the fans cable got too loose during the transport and are in the way of the fan blades I am thinking. Just go to their official support site here - http://support.antec.com and send your UPC code for a mail-in rebate.
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