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Thread: Permissions to join computers to domain

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    Permissions to join computers to domain

    I am having a single forest on my system. I am using a single domain on the same. I am having a Windows Server 2003 AD environment. I need some help here. I want to add some number of users to the domain. But I do not want them to add in Domain Admin group. Is this possible. I checked inside the guide that I have created by my admin. That shows very limited information on the same.

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    Re: Permissions to join computers to domain

    There are number of things that are available in WinNT. And other than this many thing fail under delegation. Now here a account operator can simply add computer in the domain. At a time you can add 10 computers as ordinary users. Later on you can also delegate maximum control over specific ou only and then specify permission to the same to add child objects.

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    You can use Group policy here to restrict the users here. So that they can be added but their accessibility is limited. You can later on create a security group for the users and allow them to join the computers. The gpo lies in the default domain controller policy under user right management. Then simply add the user account to the same and move ahead.

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